Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award

I achieved my Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Bronze award during year 10. There are four sections to DofE: Sport, Volunteering, Skill and Expedition. For my sports section, I began attending the gym and taking notes of my progress over each session. I set personal targets which I could achieve for my next session. For volunteering, I got involved with Foxborough Primary School by joining an after school club dedicated to looking after children until their parents could pick them up. I was responsible for planning and organising several activities for the children to take part in. For the skill section, I attended extra art lessons at my school. I developed my skill of drawing by experimenting with different media such as oil pastels and acrylic paint. For the Expedition section, I embarked on a two-day expedition with my team where we had to navigate ourselves through an unknown area using items such as a map and compass. We were responsible for being independent and looking after ourselves by cooking and pitching our own tents.