Dec 01

CISI – Introduction to Securities & Investments

In 2023, I completed the Certification for Introduction to Securities & Investments. This certification is provided by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and required me to complete an exam alongside working. The qualification enabled me to grow my knowledge about the financial sector including equites, bonds, the economy and different services the sector provides. I achieved a Pass with Merit grade with 48/50 marks. You can read more about the qualification here.
Oct 01

Hub – Frontend Senior Associate

Hub – Frontend Senior Associate

Hub is a start-up established by PIMCO, Man Group, S&P Global, Microsoft and State Street. Their mission is to revolutionise middle and back office systems in the asset management sector. They offer a cloud-native, scalable streaming platform with real-time data management.


I joined Hub as the first Frontend developer which was an incredible experience. I was able to see our codebase grow from 0 lines of code to having 5 different frontend applications. I worked with technologies including React, Typescript, MUI, Storybook, Webpack Module Federation and Azure DevOps. I was also able to assist with backend tasks involving Spring Boot and Java. During my time at Hub, I worked closely with many senior architects and the CTO to ensure our frontend was as scalable as possible.


Working at a start-up was insightful as I was able to wear multiple hats and learn different skills like developing a brand new product, how to grow a company, and how to set the foundations of your system efficiently. During my time there I was able to lead 50+ interviews, grow our frontend team from 1 developer to 8, and act as the teams Product Owner and Scrum Master at the beginning.


One of my favourite experience was to create and lead a UI Chapter to promote developers taking ownership of their work and improve our existing tech stack. It was great hearing other peoples ideas and seeing the ideas developed!


Oct 01

Deustche Bank – Technology Graduate Scheme

Deustche Bank – Technology Graduate Scheme

I completed the graduate scheme at Deutsche Bank for a year. It was a great experience where I was able to complete 2 rotations. The first rotation was based in the corporate banking team where I developed a new cash management system for corporate clients. The team was a global team with over 100 people! I was responsible for developing the admin functionality from scratch as a full-stack developer using Java, Spring Boot, React and Liquibase.


My second rotation was based in the AI Advisor team where we created data science solutions for corporate clients and sales team. I worked on a new project where clients could view the most optimal solution for their payments through a dashboard. I used React and Python to develop this dashboard. In addition to this, I gained some exposure to NLP and Machine Learning.


Alongside my rotations, I was able to contribute to other areas of Deutsche Bank such as being a member of the Graduate Networking Committee who would host workshops for other graduates . I was also involved in mentoring interns and providing feedback on CVs to students. On a few occasions, I participated as a speaker at Graduate panel events.

Jul 01


I graduated with a First class degree in MEng Computer Science with Software Engineering! I received 83% in my Final Year Project – an Android application designed to link organisations with donee’s to reduce wastage and help the community using technologies such as location-based services, gamification and social network analysis. Developed the application using Android Studio and Google’s Firebase Platform.

Some of my favourite modules studied include Intelligent Robotics, Nature Inspired Search & Optimisation, Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing and Software Design Study.

Jun 01

CLIMATE SCIENCE – Full Stack Developer

Volunteering for an international charity with over 100 volunteers in 21 countries to provide free learning resources regarding climate change. Technologies used for developing include Hugo, Angular and Firebase. I am currently responsible for developing the gamification aspect to the web application. Due to an international team, I am learning to work independently and virtually. Check out our web app!

Jun 24

DEUTSCHE BANK – Technology Intern

I joined an existing project related to trade bookkeeping as a full-stack developer (front-end: Angular, back-end: stored procedures). During this internship, I learnt how to quickly learn the existing code base in a short space of time. I had no prior experience in Angular or stored procedures, teaching me how to learn languages efficiently! I also realised that I am heavily interested in full-stack development.

As part of a team project with 3 other interns, I developed a prototype for sentiment analysis of financial news.

Jun 18

BT – Software Engineering Intern

BT – Software Engineering Intern

I developed a cloud solution using Ansible, Python and Django in a team of 4. I was responsible for developing the structure of the front-end of the project using Django and Python and integrating it with Ansible. We developed the solution using Agile.


Apr 02

GOLDMAN SACHS – Technology Spring Intern

GOLDMAN SACHS – Technology Spring Intern

I lead a team of 10 interns as Project Manager to design a technical solution for the Operations division, resulting in winning the best solution proposed award. Responsibilities as Project Manager included organising meetings with experts in the firm, managing sub-teams to ensure the team is on track and preparing a group presentation.


Oct 02

UoB AIMHIGHER – Outreach Mentor

I mentored 5 secondary school students on future prospects (i.e. A-Levels, University, Career opportunities) on a weekly basis over 12 weeks. I planned mentoring sessions and created personalised resources to aid their learning and growth. You can read more about this experience in this blog post!!

Aug 01

VICTORIA’S SECRET – Fitting Associate

VICTORIA’S SECRET – Fitting Associate

I worked at Victoria’s Secret’s flagship store in London as a PINK fitting associated where I learnt how to balance the needs of multiple customers simultaneously in a fast-paced environment, whilst coordinating with the merchandise team in a timely fashion.

Sep 26


I went to my dream university (the University of Birmingham) to study MEng Computer Science with Software Engineering! Check out some of the pictures of my favourite spots around campus!

Jul 30



I left sixth form with A*AA in Maths, Chemistry and Computing. I also gained an AS Level in Physics with a B grade. During my final year, I completed the Extended Project Qualification which was about how algorithms control the society we live in. I was also awarded the “Computing Student of the Year” award for helping my peers learn Python.

Dec 01

B&Q – Customer Advisor

I gained experience in operating the till, using the stock database and answering calls from customers. I advised customers on their DIY projects and learnt a lot about DIY myself!

Feb 01

LEGOLAND – Games Host

LEGOLAND – Games Host

Working at Legoland Windsor was my first customer-facing role! I was recognised for achieving the most sales in my department in April.

Mar 04

PEARLCATCHERS – Marketing & Admin Assistant

This was my first corporate work experience where I worked alongside professionals to meet deadlines and to ensure all events for clients were organised efficiently. I promoted the company’s service using their social media platform to interest more clients.

Feb 04


Over the course of 4 months, I volunteered as an after school club assistant where I developed my activity planning and communication skills.