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Changing the world one line of code at a time. Languages: Java, Python, Android Studio (Java), SQL, Visual Basic, Haskell, Angular, Matlab.

Software Development

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Experience in Android development, Google's Firebase platform, Django and working with large amounts of data.

Software Engineering

Manage large projects effectively and efficiently.
Usage of tools such as Git, Jama, Jira and Confluence. Previously developed projects following an Agile approach. Experience in conducting research, gathering requirements, creating UML diagrams and testing software.


Design creative yet minimalistic user interfaces.
Focus on both lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes using tools such as Balsamiq, Marvel and pencil/paper. Aiming for a Material Design where possible.

Computer Science Concepts

Curious to learn more about technology.
Concepts: artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, sentiment analysis, gamification, robotics, IoT, smart cities, data structures & algorithms, human computer interaction and networks.

Personal Development

Constantly looking to develop myself.
Previously pitched ideas to 1000+ people. Lead a team of 10 at Goldman Sachs as project manager, winning the best project proposal award. Experience with 1-on-1 mentoring. Councillor of the year award. Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi

More About Me

"Hello World" - similar to other aspiring programmers, this is where my fascination with computers began. This inspired me to study Computer Science with Software Engineering at the University of Birmingham, resulting in a First Class in my masters. From creating the next Assassin's Creed game to contributing to artificial intelligence, the endless possibilities of programming intrigues me and fuels my drive to expand my computing knowledge. By having a career in software development, my understanding of new concepts underpinning computer systems will always be growing, enabling me to analyse issues with recent software, whilst providing myself a foundation for designing the next generation of systems.

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