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Empowering businesses through elegant code.
7 years of coding experience in multiple languages. Experience with frontend, backend and full-stack development. Languages: Typescript, Javascript, CSS, Java, Python, SQL.

Software Development

Transforming ideas into innovative software solutions.
Familiar with frontend and backend concepts. Experience in multiple frameworks including React, Next.js, Sprint Boot, Django and Android Studio.

Software Engineering

Driving efficiency through scalable software solutions.
Experience in working with micro frontends (Webpack Module Federation) and micro services. Responsible for developing and deploying large projects from development to production.


Coding excellence for a seamless user experience.
Design creative yet simplistic user interfaces. Focus on both lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes using tools such as Figma and Balsamiq. Developed reusable component libraries based on Material Design.

Computer Science Concepts

Curious to learn more about technology.
Concepts I have an interest in: scalability, micro frontends, sleek user design, micro services, artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, gamification, IoT, smart cities.

Personal Development

Constantly looking to develop myself and give back to the community.
Provided mentorship to interns, University students and sixth-form students. Delivered talks at University and school events to over 300+ students. Taken ownership of developing teams and UI communities at work. Led over 50+ interviews and helped onboard many frontend developers upon joining the team. I have completed CISI qualifications for finance to grow my knowledge about the sector. Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi.


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More About Me

"Hello World" - similar to other aspiring programmers, this is where my fascination with computers began. This inspired me to study Computer Science with Software Engineering at the University of Birmingham, resulting in a First Class in my masters. From creating the next Assassin's Creed game to contributing to artificial intelligence, the endless possibilities of programming intrigues me and fuels my drive to expand my development knowledge. I have experience in frontend, backend and full-stack development. However, my main passion lies with frontend development - I love building beautiful, sleek and simple user interfaces which users love to use. The most rewarding experiences in my career have been building projects from 0 lines of code to seeing them in production. I am involved in all aspects of the teams I have been placed in, from brainstorming about scalability to forming a friendly culture where developers feel a sense of ownership with their code. I have created communities such as UI Chapters and encouraged learning within my teams. Learning about new concepts keeps me motivated, whether it's completing a new qualification, learning about deployments & CI/CD or growing my knowledge with finance

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